Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crazy for Dungeness Crabs

Central California’s proximity to the Pacific gives the area access to a wide variety of marine life, so it’s no surprise that locals love their seafood. Crabs, in particular, are a special treat around these parts, and the most predominantly featured among them in many restaurants within the area is the Dungeness crab. Although smaller than its Alaskan cousins, the Dungeness crab more than makes up for that with its uniquely sweet flavor.

While the availability of Dungeness crabs in Northern and Central California can be cyclically high for several years and average in the next few years, they are enjoyed almost year-round. The crabs are traditionally served boiled in salted water without any frills to allow diners to savor their full, natural flavor. Coastal areas such as Monterey, California that boast an abundance of these crabs during peak season have restaurants serving the shellfish by the bucket.

While Dungeness crabs are delicious on their own, they can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of seafood dishes. Often, the crab’s meat is used in salads, stews, and even in pasta dishes. Whether it is served on its own, or as a complement to another meal, the Dungeness crab is an uncommon treat that deserves to be sampled at least once. If you consider yourself a true seafood fan, you simply cannot afford to miss out on Dungeness crabs.

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