Friday, April 10, 2015

Adventures by the Sea

Being near the water can help you find peace and relief from the stress of the daily grind. When that big patch of water is in Monterey, CA, you can find many things to do with friends or loved ones. Here are some of them:

Whale Watching

Anyone who has ever watched the Free Willy movies will be curious about seeing whales first hand. Luckily, Monterey Bay’s whale-watching jaunts peak during April and May. A number of whale-watching operators schedule nature cruises during those two months. With your friends or family on the cruise, the tour guides can educate you on the various marine species out and about Monterey Bay.

Museum Touring

Hitting the museums means a chance to learn more history. The Monterey Maritime Museum hosts the Allen Knight Collection of maritime historical artifacts dating back to the Native American era. The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History at Forest Avenue is for people interested about Monterey County’s wildlife. 

Eat Up!

To enjoy the city of Monterey, you will need a full tank of energy, and that means starting with a hearty meal at a top restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf like Cafe Fina. Seafood can be the order of the day, along with a healthy plate of gluten-free pasta, or perhaps, a half-pound hamburger.

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