Friday, June 19, 2015

Crabs: Tasty Crustaceans with Health Benefits

Crabs account for about a fifth of all marine food caught from seas, lakes, rivers and other water resources, and they have always been a part of every seafood lover’s palate. There are misguided notions that crabs aren’t good for the health, but nutritionists have had this disproved. 

For instance, the Dungeness crab, a species that drives fishing economies in Monterey towns, particularly during December and throughout spring, has only 22 mg of cholesterol per ounce, which is just about the same as chicken. Generally, crabs are low in saturated fat, and they contain chromium, which helps control glucose levels in the body, and sterol, which hinders the absorption of bad cholesterol. 

The Dungeness crab is popular among health-conscious people. Its rich-tasting, flaky meat is high in vitamins, minerals and protein. Additionally, its omega-3 fatty acid content also helps prevent heart disease and alleviates discomfort due to rheumatoid arthritis. Nonetheless, too much of anything is unhealthy, so it’s safer to consume this dish in moderation, no matter how tempting it is. If you’re on a controlled diet, consult your dietitian before cracking those shells open. 

Over the years, Monterey seafood restaurants have come up with numerous creative ways of preparing Dungeness crabs. They can be chilled, steamed, or mixed in a salad and are served with different sauces or salsa to further enrich the taste. However it’s preferred, crab meat will always be a global favorite.

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