Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Seafood Connoisseur Puts On Barbecue for His Legendary Friend

When John Madden turned 60, his wife Virginia decided to throw a party at KCBS. She knew that he loved Dominic's cooking so she asked him to cater. Of course, he agreed, bringing along another friend, a duck-hunting buddy named Danny Fialho who, in his own right, has an extensive barbecue expertise simply befitting and perfect for the event. The first time they did the party was a great success and it was decided that it should be done every year. The event was a busy night for Dominic as he moved constantly between the large dining area, the indoor kitchen, and the outdoor barbecue. Regardless, he was delighted to satisfy the palates of his friend Madden and all his guests. The owner of one of the premier seafood restaurants in Monterey, CA and the legend in one of the culture-defining sports in America clearly has great respect for each other.

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