Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Find the Best Monterey Seafood Restaurants

When you’re on a vacation in Monterey Bay, there’s more to your trip than just taking in the sights and sounds of this stunning coastal city. For a complete experience, the seafood restaurants in the locale should not be missed. You can have a truly unforgettable time trying out the area’s many delicacies.

One of the things that you can do to start the quest of finding amazing eats is to search for online reviews. You can find more information about a restaurant just by browsing what people have tried and what they liked. It’s also a great way to get directions and allows you to plan your itinerary properly.

If you want adventure, just follow the crowd. Go for the restaurants that are filled with animated diners genuinely enjoying the food. You can also ask the locals where to go for the best Dungeness crab, Grilled Sand Dabs, or Pacific Seabass.

Don’t forget to check out the landmark restaurants that have been drawing generations of patrons. Many of the restaurants in Monterey have been enticing both locals and tourists alike for decades. The area’s cuisine will give you plenty of great memories and reasons to come back for more. 

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