Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bringing Your Dog Along for Dinner

Looking for a place to bring your pet dog for dinner? After California loosened its reins on the dog ban in restaurants, there have been more venues for man and pet to enjoy quality time together. The new law requires restaurants, which are amenable to accepting pets, to provide an outdoor space for canines.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, restaurants on Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey Bay have plenty of them. Here, you and your pooch can savor the relaxing view of Monterey Bay, as well as the great-tasting food these restaurants offer. Remember, however, that there’s still a dining etiquette you’re expected to follow so as not to disturb other diners’ space and meal.


As much as you’d rather see your four-legged date walking free, a leash is the best precaution to keep it from straying and “socializing” with other patrons and restaurant employees. Training your dog is a plus to ensure it behaves well with other people.

Tying Dog to Chair

Once you’re in the restaurant (or outside it), tie the leash around your chair instead of the table, as the latter might be dragged or shaken by the dog—especially if it’s a particularly strong one—and food or drinks may spill.

Pet’s Food Bowl

Bring your dog’s food bowl or ask the waiter for a disposable bowl and cup. Pets are understandably not allowed to use the restaurant’s utensils.

Remembering these simple dining etiquettes can make your night out with your dog memorable and hassle-free.

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